Are TV Screen protectors a Good investment?

TV screen protectors could seem very strange to some. With a TV mounted on the wall nearby, what need could there possibly be a protector? This question comes down to the needs of the individual. For some, a television may be mounted on a cabinet of some sort, while others keep it mounted on the wall. Similar to a phone, you may never know what could come in contact with the screen. From pet claws to moving objects around, or an environment with the potential of lots of contacts, a screen may be worth it for you. Perhaps the television is outside?

There are a few ways to approach the question of their worth: on the one hand, you have invested so much into a massive screen, so whats a bit of extra money to protect your investment? On the other, screen protectors for even a phone are relatively expensive, and the price does not scale well from a couple of inches to 30-50+. Are you prepared to deal with a massive mark on your TV because you didn’t feel it necessary to protect the screen? These are questions you need to be asking yourself when deciding. For many, they can identify that their television is in no imminent danger as it stands.

A small scratch will not even be visible from relatively substantial distances away from the TV, so the distance plays a major factor. If you live in small quarters though, you may notice a problem even more. A Screen protector though isn’t going to protect it from more heavy-duty incidents. It is a small film of material that can’t protect it from blunt trauma or force such as any accidental projectiles. It would protect the TV from any accidental scratches, annoying fingerprints that always seem to be visible in the right light, and any potential damage that could ruin the viewing experience. In the end, most people will not find them to be a sound investment. Their televisions are mounted out of reach from pets or children or being brushed by objects. They sit far enough away where they wouldn’t even notice that scratch. If these factors do not apply to you though, they would be something to consider.